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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment that lets you interact using your body. When equipped with a VR headset and motion controls, you are transported to a new world.

Can anyone play?

VR is incredibly intuitive, people who wouldn't normally consider themselves gamers find they can easily pick up and play most games since it naturally responds to their actions.

If it's your first time in VR, we recommend checking out the games menu and choosing a few games with an "Easy" difficulty rating or try the interactive tutorial to get started. Plus our friendly staff will walk you through an introductory process, so you will not feel left alone.

What Hardware does The VR CLub Use?

We use top-of the line VR equipment for our 'Standing 360' VR stations, the HTC Vive with the Deluxe Audio Strap included on every headset. This is a specific brand of head-mounted display, hand controllers, and tracking peripherals which allow the user to see and interact with the virtual environment. Sensors which track infrared markers transfer your movement to your avatar in the game.

PC-VR such as the HTC Vive is a huge leap above mobile versions which rely on a smartphone without any sensors for tracking. Plus our HTC Vives are connected to high-end gaming PCs for maximum processing power.

On our larger 'Standing 360 Plus' VR station we have the HTC Vive with a Deluxe Audio Strap in a larger 2.4x2.4m play area, plus a real plank for extra immersion in Richie's Plank Experience.

We’ve recently added two Oculus Quest headsets for ‘Mobile Wireless’ play. These are wireless and convenient all-in-one units designed to be used on the go.

And finally, you can now try the most cutting edge tech available, the Pimax 5K+ with the widest field of view and highest resolution of any VR headset in existence, right here on our Seated Deluxe station. And there is even more coming soon, with Cybershoes, Index controllers, eye-tracking, smell-o-vision and more in the pipeline!

Any Safety Precautions?

If you have any health problems, please review your conditions with our hosts prior to your session. If you feel any dizziness or motion sickness we recommend taking a short break.

The VR Club is designed with safety in mind, with a suspended wire system to keep guests from tripping and soft carpeted floor to protect from any falls. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear, high heels are not recommended. Please be respectful of the premises and equipment. 

Our staff will make sure you are aware of our safety requirements before your session begins. 

Please read our full terms and conditions for more information.

Can I Wear MY prescription Glasses?

Yes you can fit most eyewear inside the VR headsets. You won't be doing much reading in VR, if any, so we recommend trying without glasses at first, or wearing contact lenses for more comfort. 

We ask that you do not wear glasses with the Pimax 5K+ however due to the more delicate nature of its lenses.

How Many games Can I play?

As many or as few as you like! You can change games at any time. If you need help either click the 'Call Help' button from the system menu, or give our friendly staff a shout the old fashioned way.

How Many People can Participate?

We hire our VR headsets on a one headset per person basis. The exception to this is the 'Standing 360 Plus' VR station which can be shared with up to two other people (taking turns to play or watch).

If you are with a group you are more than welcome to hire multiple headsets. 

Alternatively your friends are able to watch on the big-screen TVs from our comfy chairs. 

Can I Play with my Friend?

Absolutely! If your friends want to get in on the action our staff can help get them set up on an adjacent booth in a multiplayer game with voice chat. Up to four people can play at a time.

We have a wide selection of games to choose from for groups, check out our games menu for more info on which games support multiplayer.

Any Age Restrictions?

VR is not suitable for children under 6 years old. This is due to the minimum distance between their eyes (known as IPD or interpupillary distance) is usually not enough for the 3D depth to be effective.

We strive to maintain a safe environment for kids, in both the real and virtual worlds! Games which are age restricted are noted on the games menu. We recommend using private servers for children aged 6-12 and our staff are happy to assist in setting this up for any customer.

In addition we can restrict certain games from even appearing in the headset’s menu! Parents are free to ask our staff to enable restricted access to a set age limit.

Can I cancel my booking?

The VR Club allows rescheduling up to 3 hours before the booking time. Cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance. For cancellations without 24 hours warning, payments will not be refunded.

To reschedule or cancel a booking please email us.

Can I rent out The VR Club for my Event?

Yes! Send us an email to discuss renting the space for your event.

What Games do you have?

We've selected a range of games for all ages and across genres. Check out our games menu for more info. We will be adding and refreshing our game library regularly so check back often!

Can I request a Game?

Yes you can, please email us to request a game.

While we will take all requests into consideration, we can not guarantee the game you request will be added to our library.

Announcements for new games will be made here at and on our social media channels: