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International Beat Saber eSports Tournament

Fancy yourself an eSports athlete? Come and participate in the biggest ever international VR tournament in Beat Saber!

Special event pricing just $10 for 20 minutes OR $20 for unlimited attempts (1 attempt per session then return to the back of the queue) for your chance get the best high score. Book ahead in-store or through FB Messenger to avoid missing out!

Global Prizes: The Top 5 Players after all the scores have been processed will each receive $100 in prizes. $100 Bills baby!

The Top Global Player will win the Grand Prize: an HTC Vive!

Local Prizes (for players at The VR Club), top 3 players can choose one  (winner chooses first, then runner-up) of:

4x Free 55 minute VR sessions for you and your friends (worth $180), or $50 Steam gift card, or a “VR Box” for use with your smartphone

#BeatSaberGlobal #GetYourBeatOn

Global Tournament rules:

  • The Global Tournament will be a rolling high score competition, meaning that an up-to-date high score table will be kept as the tournament progresses. The winner of the tournament will be whoever has the highest score once all the score submissions have been processed.
  • Participants must be ages 13+ to submit their score to the global rolling high score competition.
  • The game mode will be Expert with No Fail turned on for all players.
  • Scores will be determined by playing "$100 Bills" and "Escape ft. Summer Haze" and adding the two scores together. The songs must be played back to back; if a player is allowed multiple attempts they must play both songs again and are not allowed to "mix-and-match" scores from different attempts.
  • In the unlikely event that the high score results in a tie, the player who submitted their score first will win.
  • Score submissions must include the following to be eligible: The player's name, the arcade's name, the score, and a video recording of the player playing the songs.
  • Score submissions for the global competition can be made at any time on the day of the tournament.

Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change pending new information and feedback from participating arcades.

Local Tournament Rules:

  • The local tournament runs as a single elimination bracket. Players will need to post their score before 6pm for the first round.
  • For the first round all participants play "$100 bills" and "Escape". The winner of each pairing is the player whose total score for both songs (when added together) is highest.
  • Subsequent elimination rounds will commence at 6pm. If players are absent for their turn their entry will be forfeit.
  • For the subsequent elimination rounds, each of the two players facing off picks a single song. Both players play both songs, and the winner of the round is the player with the highest score for both songs added together.

Arcade staff & employees are not eligible to win prizes.


Here's how to get the most points with each swing of your lights... laser sword ;)

  • Up to 70 points for the pre-swing (90 degrees arc or better before hitting cube)
  • Up to 30 points for the follow through (60 degree arc or better after hitting cube)
  • Up to 10 bonus points for cutting the cube straight down the middle

Total of 110 points in a "perfect" slash

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