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Standing 360 Plus

Enjoy a large 2.4 x 2.4m play area and a selection of unique premium experiences, plus the 'Main Menu' games library, using an HTC Vive.

Up to three people can share a single headset. Great option if trying VR for your first time.
Please note: You cannot play multiplayer with one headset.

1-3 People Shared

25 minutes       ……….      $25

55 minutes       ……….      $45

80 minutes       ……….      $58

Standing 360

Play in an open 2 x 2m area with access to the 'Main Menu' games library, using HTC Vives.

One headset per person, best option for multiplayer gaming (up to four players).

Per Headset

25 minutes       ……….      $25

55 minutes       ……….      $45

80 minutes       ……….      $58

Group Discounts

2-3 people    ……….  10% off

4 people      ……….  15% off

Mobile Wireless

Try a tether-free experience on the Oculus Quest, with a selection of mobile versions of our most popular games.

One headset per person, great option for large parties combined with other headsets.

Only available for party reservations or off-site corporate events.

Seated Deluxe

Jump on the most cutting-edge experimental tech on the market, the Pimax 5K+ with full over-the-ear headphones and motion controls!

One headset and one player at a time, with a selection of unique seated experiences, plus the 'Main Menu' games library.

Minimum age is strictly 13 for this headset.
Due to the experimental nature of this equipment we require a waiver of liability to be signed by the participant or parent/guardian.

Per Headset

25 minutes ………. $34

55 minutes ………. $54

80 minutes       ……….      $68

2 - 4 players? We recommend booking ‘Standing 360’

5 - 10 players or more? Please email us to inquire or check the party deals for more info.

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Please note: VR is not suitable for children under 6, read our full terms and conditions and F.A.Q.s for more info.